Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation

Online from your home.

Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation

Online from your home.

Live Video Classes every ​ ​Tuesday

​5pm EST (USA Eastern Standard Time)

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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi (or Tai Chi Chuan) is a slow and gentle exercise that is suitable for anyone, whatever the age. 

In China, Tai Chi is linked to traditional medicine and is also a form of “dynamic meditation”.

What you will learn?

​In our classes, you will ​learn one of the oldest Tai Chi form, Internal Energy, Optimal Health, Meditation and Self-Defense.

​Tai ​Chi has a lot​ of health benefits such as:


​Muscle strengthening


​​Internal energy work

​Your Instructors

​Fred Evrard & Lila Evrard

The style that Fred and Lila Evrard teach is called Old Yang ​Tai Chi (Yang Shaohou lineage) and is believed to be the oldest Tai Chi form still alive today, maybe even the very same form Tai Chi founder, Yang Luchan, taught in Beijing in 1850. It is a very rare form, even in China, and very few Westerners had the chance to learn it. Fred and Lila were trained in Old Yang style by Sifu James Nener in France and in Chen style by legendary Master Feng Zhiqiang in China.


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